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Kevin Costello

Kevin Costello, Business Manager

Kevin Costello, Business Manager for Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, Inc., was born in a small town in southern New Jersey far enough in the past to be classified as a baby boomer. He attended primarily Catholic schools through high school and was active in team sports such as baseball, basketball and football, although his high school was too small to have a football team. In addition to team sports he was, and is, an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting, boating and fly fishing.

After finishing high school, he wasn’t quite ready for college and worked up until he received an invitation from Uncle Sam to join the armed forces. He enlisted after receiving his notice and became a military policeman. Although on orders for Vietnam at one point, he served his entire enlistment in the States.

Using his military background as a starting point he eventually began working in the nuclear power industry in nuclear security. After working in plants in New Jersey and New York he was recruited by a utility in Maryland where he worked most of his career in nuclear security management. During this time, he attended the University of Maryland and obtained his B.S. in Management. He then attended Notre Dame College in Baltimore and worked towards his Master of Arts Degree in Business Management.

He was almost finished his masters program when his company began offering a series of lucrative buy out programs. Being single at the time, the offers became more and more attractive. He finally caved in in 1997 and accepted an offer. After settling his affairs in Maryland, he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a few months and obtained all the necessary certifications to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. It was then on to the Cayman Islands where he taught scuba and became captain of a dive boat.

Five years later he met the woman that was to drag him back to the real world. They married two years later back in the Caymans and spent their honeymoon in a hurricane shelter while Hurricane Ivan, then a category 5 storm, pounded the small island.

Interestingly, the shelter was in the town of Hell on Grand Cayman.

They are still happily married and have two beautiful girls.

Kevin has worked at Blue Ridge since 2003.