Patient Testimonials

  • I have had the misfortune to require multiple back surgeries, and have also dealt with numerous sprains and knee injuries. Now, at age 64, I am pleased to say that even after these debilitating events I have been able to fully recover without surgery, thanks to my rehab experience at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy.

    My most recent knee injury was a complete ACL rupture that left me so unstable that I was unable to walk down stairs, across my lawn, or any less than perfectly even surface without the very real risk of a fall.

    With the help of Dr. Contryman and her staff, and after 6 months of intensive therapy, I have regained my pre-injury strength and stability. I can once again ride a bicycle, hike, line dance, and even play racquet sports. Dr. Contryman and the professional and caring staff at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy made it possible for me to get my life back again.

    Cyndy M.

  • From the first day, till today 2/16/16, I’m very pleased with the therapy I have received here at Blue Ridge. Dr. Kim and staff have been very helpful and concerned with my ability to use my arm and shoulder again to do the things I need to do. I will ever be grateful and thankful to you Kim, Andy, Ryan, Walker, Nikki, and Linda.

    Thank you all! Your expertise rates #1!

    Herbert P.

  • When I first came to Blue Ridge I was hoping for the best and the best is what I received. I could really not bear weight on my left ankle and had very poor movement from side to side. But now I have more mobility and can bear weight better. But the best part was the people. They were professional, helpful, and treated me like a real person. I was not just another patient. While I am still working on my ankle at home, I would come back here if I have to have surgery. I would recommend them to anyone. I always felt welcomed and received excellent treatment.

    Kim B.

  • In 1997, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The effects of the condition were held in check, largely with medications, until about 2007. It was then that my wife and I noticed serious balance issues. Posture and strength weakness were likewise encountered. Sessions at Blue Ridge PT have slowed the ill effects and have kept me physically as well as mentally active.

    Robert W.

  • For my third visit to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, I came after meniscus surgery. I was not able to walk successfully without a lot of pain. I worked for 4 or 5 weeks with the staff here gaining strength and endurance and some agility. I will, however, never be graceful. I enjoyed working with the whole staff and found it enjoyable to work with PT students. But I couldn’t keep those penguins out of the water! Obviously I like it here.

    Ethel G.

  • When I first came to Blue Ridge, I had been told by a neurologist that I would never walk again because of a cancer drug. It had burnt the muscles and nerves in my legs. I was unable to get into the shower or put my legs into the bed by myself. My legs were dead weight.

    Immediately, Dr. Kim and her staff got the swelling out of my legs and began exercises to strengthen my arms and legs. I eventually began to move myself from place to place.

    Dr. Kim’s next move was to start me using a walker. She and her staff were very patient, and it became a reality. I could now get around the house and could do the dishes, laundry and help clean our house. I could go to church and shopping.

    Dr. Kim had me fitted with braces and they started me using a cane. It was extremely helpful to walk naturally instead of flat-footed. Now they are working with me on walking without a cane. I feel like my life has been given back to me.

    I am most thankful that I was sent to Dr. Kim Contryman and her staff. They are the best in knowing what to do and giving individual patient support.

    Joanne S.

  • In May of 2014, I had an accident and sustained a spinal cord injury. I was in four different hospitals over four months. When I first came to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, I was in a wheelchair, not walking at all, with only very slight movement in my right foot. The staff here has worked diligently with me and I am now walking with a walker. They have helped me strengthen my legs enough to where I can climb stairs, climb up on my tractor and do some of the farming I was doing before the accident. I also have gotten hand controls on my truck and I am back on the road. I can’t say enough about Blue Ridge. They have helped me achieve goals that I had doubts were even possible and would come up with specific exercises to help me achieve them. They make time for you and are always available to help and encourage. I have come such a long way since my accident and look forward to seeing just how far I can go with their help.

    Douglas D.

  • Before coming to PT, I had difficulty driving, writing, and carrying objects. Now, I have little to no pain and get to go back to CrossFit. I have loved coming here and enjoyed working with everyone. I felt so welcome and will miss coming back!

    Jill B.

  • When I first came here, I was suffering from extreme low back pain. It was so intense I could not sleep and trying to do my daily work duties was extremely difficult. Getting in and out of my car, or putting on my shoes was very painful. Now I am pain-free. I have stopped taking meloxicam. Back to my normal schedule.

    John H.