Category: Foot/Ankle

Misty S Sep18th 2020

Misty S.

I had trouble walking for a long period of time. My legs hurt all the time. They would bust open at night. I would have to use a motorized cart. Now I can walk a long time with no pain in my legs. My legs haven’t busted open. It is easier to get my pants over my legs. I don’t use a motorized cart anymore.

Shirley R. Sep18th 2020

Shirley R.

I came to Blue Ridge limping on my left foot after entering it in spending five months in a boot. Simple walking was painful. Dr. Kim gave me her undivided attention, listening and evaluating movement. Stan added exercises and very quickly I was able to walk without limping. I am able to walk or exercise for about 20 minutes, a huge improvement. The staff has been wonderful, listening carefully, and always evaluating. I feel cared for! Thanks to all.

Monique A. Sep18th 2020

Monique A.

I had an awesome experience working with Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, they really helped me. For months before coming here I couldn’t move my second, third, or fourth toes. Now I can pick up marbles with my toes! Something I thought would be impossible, I was able to accomplish.

Sep15th 2020

Douglas D.

I was in a wheelchair, not walking at all, with only very slight movement in my right foot. The staff here has worked diligently with me and I am now walking with a walker. They have helped me strengthen my legs enough to where I can climb stairs, climb up on my tractor and do some of the farming I was doing before the accident. I have come such a long way since my accident and look forward to seeing just how far I can go with their help.

Sep15th 2020

Joanne S.

I had been told by a neurologist that I would never walk again because of a cancer drug. It had burnt the muscles and nerves in my legs. Immediately, Dr. Kim and her staff got the swelling out of my legs and began exercises to strengthen my arms and legs. Now they are working with me on walking without a cane. I feel like my life has been given back to me.

Sep15th 2020

Ethel G.

For my third visit to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, I came after meniscus surgery. I was not able to walk successfully without a lot of pain. I worked for 4 or 5 weeks with the staff here gaining strength and endurance and some agility. I will, however, never be graceful. I enjoyed working with the whole staff and found it enjoyable to work with PT students. But I couldn’t keep those penguins out of the water! Obviously I like it here.