Category: Hip/Knee

Dottie W. Sep18th 2020

Dottie W.

They are encouraging, and the methods they use gets the job done. We even went outside to walk the steps - it worked! I had trouble making one turn on the bike and now I am ready for competition! My balance has improved immensely by "staring down the staff." The staff has enabled me and my new knee to enjoy moving again! Many thanks!

Sep15th 2020

Andrea G.

My right hip began hurting and swelling after months of aerial arts classes, so I decided to take time to rest. After 2 months of low activity, the day to day pain subsided, but I found it would flare up any time I did squats, rowing, or yoga. I came to Blue Ridge and was quickly assessed and given a treatment plan. 4 weeks later I’m entirely pain-free and feel much stronger!

Sep15th 2020

Wendy A.

I suffered with upper back pain for at least 5 years. I suffered with what I thought was hip pain for years. Dr. Kim diagnosed lower back pain into the hip and neck pain for the upper back. Because I waited so long to seek help, it took 8 months of hard work to correct. I can now walk through a grocery store, do my job, plant flowers, and clean my house without pain.

Sep15th 2020

Cyndy M.

I have had the misfortune to require multiple back surgeries, and have also dealt with numerous sprains and knee injuries. I have been able to fully recover without surgery, thanks to my rehab experience at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy.