Douglas D.

In May of 2014, I had an accident and sustained a spinal cord injury. I was in four different hospitals over four months. When I first came to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, I was in a wheelchair, not walking at all, with only very slight movement in my right foot. The staff here has worked diligently with me and I am now walking with a walker. They have helped me strengthen my legs enough to where I can climb stairs, climb up on my tractor and do some of the farming I was doing before the accident. I also have gotten hand controls on my truck and I am back on the road. I can’t say enough about Blue Ridge. They have helped me achieve goals that I had doubts were even possible and would come up with specific exercises to help me achieve them. They make time for you and are always available to help and encourage. I have come such a long way since my accident and look forward to seeing just how far I can go with their help.