Joanne S.

When I first came to Blue Ridge, I had been told by a neurologist that I would never walk again because of a cancer drug. It had burnt the muscles and nerves in my legs. I was unable to get into the shower or put my legs into the bed by myself. My legs were dead weight.

Immediately, Dr. Kim and her staff got the swelling out of my legs and began exercises to strengthen my arms and legs. I eventually began to move myself from place to place.

Dr. Kim’s next move was to start me using a walker. She and her staff were very patient, and it became a reality. I could now get around the house and could do the dishes, laundry and help clean our house. I could go to church and shopping.

Dr. Kim had me fitted with braces and they started me using a cane. It was extremely helpful to walk naturally instead of flat-footed. Now they are working with me on walking without a cane. I feel like my life has been given back to me.

I am most thankful that I was sent to Dr. Kim Contryman and her staff. They are the best in knowing what to do and giving individual patient support.