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 Adult & Pediatric Physical Therapy Specialists in Johnson City, TN

Blue Ridge Physical Therapy provides the highest quality health care services and rehabilitation to patients located in the Johnson City, TN area. Through the use of the proven techniques such as physical therapy, manual therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and anodyne therapy, our expert staff members can treat a wide variety of conditions including: arthritis, sciatica and back pain, sports injuries, and more!

Do you suffer from chronic pain that just doesn’t seem to go away? What about pain that comes in waves, like the kind you feel in your shoulders during your last hour of work? Have you experienced an injury, surgical procedure, or another physical setback that’s keeping you from living your best quality of life? If any of these descriptions sound like you, you may want to consider physical therapy.

If you or someone you know is suffering from one of these conditions, contact us today!

We also provide treatment for patients located in Elizabethton & Greeneville, TN.

  • Experienced Physical Therapist
    Experienced Physical Therapist
  • State-of-the-Art Clinic
    State-of-the-Art Clinic
  • Personalized Patient Care
    Personalized Patient Care

I have had the misfortune to require multiple back surgeries, and have also dealt with numerous sprains and knee injuries. Now, at age 64, I am pleased to say that even after these debilitating events I have been able to fully recover without surgery, thanks to my rehab experience at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy.

Cyndy M.

When I first came to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, I was in a wheelchair, not walking at all, with only very slight movement in my right foot. They have helped me strengthen my legs enough to where I can climb stairs, climb up on my tractor and do some of the farming I was doing before the accident.

Douglas D.

I’m very pleased with the therapy I have received here at Blue Ridge. Thank you all! Your expertise rates #1

Herbert P.

Before coming to PT, I had difficulty driving, writing, and carrying objects. Now, I have little to no pain and get to go back to CrossFit. I have loved coming here and enjoyed working with everyone. I felt so welcome and will miss coming back!

Jill B.

When I first came to Blue Ridge, I had been told by a neurologist that I would never walk again because of a cancer drug. Now they are working with me on walking without a cane. I feel like my life has been given back to me.

Joanne S.

When I first came here, I was suffering from extreme low back pain. It was so intense I could not sleep and trying to do my daily work duties was extremely difficult. Getting in and out of my car, or putting on my shoes was very painful. Now I am pain-free.

John H.

When I first came to Blue Ridge I was hoping for the best and the best is what I received. I would recommend them to anyone. I always felt welcomed and received excellent treatment.

Kim B.

In 1997, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The effects of the condition were held in check, largely with medications, until about 2007. Sessions at Blue Ridge PT have slowed the ill effects and have kept me physically as well as mentally active.

Robert W.

Blue Ridge PT is the Solution to Your Pain

The clinic has the capability to provide therapy services for a multitude of diagnoses, allowing patients to receive all their physical therapy treatment at one site.

Experience A Pain-Free Life

We make every attempt to schedule all new patients within one to two business days.



    The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long- term damage to your spine.


    Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long-lasting results.


    Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.


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