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Anodyne Therapy

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a condition affecting the nerves of the body that results from nerve damage. disease, or unhealthy nerves. PN leads to alterations in sensation, movement, and balance which can cause pain, gait abnormalities, and/or a decline in overall function. It often is associated with diabetes, but is not all inclusive. Other causes of PN may be medication driven, low back issues, or even just an insidious onset. Although the symptoms of PN can cause discomfort and loss of function, there is evidence that PN may improve over time. Treatment by a physical therapist can help reduce symptoms and improve an individual’s quality of life.

Anodyne® Therapy Causes blood vessels (arteries and veins) to temporarily dilate – thus increasing local circulation, and reducing pain, stiffness and muscle spasm.

Pain can have many underlying causes or etiologies – which is why it is sometimes very hard to treat.

Common causes of pain are:

  • Lack of blood flow due to peripheral neuropathy/ poor circulation (ischemia)
  • Nerve impingement due to inflammation or soft tissue swelling
  • Mechanical issues due to trauma, injury, or degeneration

Your blood delivers necessary substances – such as oxygen and nutrients – to the cells of your body; and also transports waste products away from those same cells. Injuries and trauma cause inflammation, making it difficult for blood to reach an injured site in the body.

Additionally, some conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease (PVD and PAD), hypertension, and atherosclerosis contribute to blood vessel narrowing – causing pain.

For patients with the aforementioned conditions, vessel constriction often presents first in areas of the body with the smallest blood vessels such as arms, hands, feet and legs – and can escalate to areas such as the digestive track, kidneys – and heart.

By increasing local circulation, Anodyne® treatments address the underlying cause of many types of pain – poor circulation. Pain medications may only further mask symptoms, and many people can not tolerate their side-effects. For more information, Contact Us Today at Johnson City, TN Center.